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Corporate Intranet solution, training materials, workflow, change management, multiple mini product development

Full company wide intranet for a mental health company that has five separate locations and is continuing to grow. We needed to develop a solution that provided everyone with the same set of tools across the company. The ability to digitize and capture information has dramatically increased their ability to document and maintain compliance with state and international standards. The client has a special consideration in that they had to operate with a fully HIPPA complaint data and communication platform. We accomplished this by using Google Workspace and ensuring that any related information stays within the components that are compliant. This allowed us to bring formerly out of band communications in compliance, dramatically reduce the amount unnecessary duplication of effort or work.

90 day ramp up to go live, 120 days to full implementation

Platform Solution, Training materials, ongoing support, UX design Salesforce

Tasked with developing a solution to distribute $33,000,000 in ARPA (America Rescue Plan Act) funding for the 20th largest city in America. We eventually chose Salesforce as being able to meet the project requirements and then we located and qualified the primary Salesforce backend development team and we provided an improved UX experience, training materials and overall project management.

100 days for initial go-live, ongoing project.

SIS and LMS full deployment. Training materials, workflow, change management

Transition a traditional distance learning theological college to a fully on line SIS and LMS (student information system) (learning management system)

The scope of our work was platform selection but also the integration of the existing course catalogs and descriptions, as well as designing course shells for all of the courses offered, and developed and implemented the student information system, to track enrollment and accounting integration, and the training and onboarding of faculty located around the world.

200 days for initial go live.

Targeted training and change management.

There are occasions when you need help with continuing education or need to introduce change to your environment, ensuring participation and compliance to existing or new standards, we help companies formalize and simplify on-going safety and other training, including unweildy changes such as moving everyone to MFA to comply with the ever rising security standards set by industry and insurance underwriters.

Migrate entire organizations to the cloud

Prior to COVID-19 we'd been migrating organizations to the cloud environment in a thoughtful, managed process that always for IT dollars to be spent on tools that are constantly improving and providing maximum value. With disaster recovery and business continuity becoming effectively impossible for small and mid sized companies with on premise solutions we have migrated organizations as small as a half dozen to multi-location organizations with 100's of employees.