Professional Services

let us help make your next client project a success with training and change management

We also work directly with other technology vendors to help them provide the best product they can.

Writing good code is only half the task. Strength in development skills don't always translate into developing the type of training and adoption assistance that is expected for a successful product launch.

Our team will work with your developer and project managers to create end user facing training materials, develop an adoption and formal training roll out. Providing either materials or taking on the entire aspect of client training and adoption.

Helping clients adopt new offerings and handling change management is often an undertaking all it's own. To do it well, we are uniquely qualified with team members having Master degrees in Experimental Psychology and Sociology, among others. This is allows us to incorporate the latest learning and adoption methods such as gamification, incremental adoption, locating the Champion/s within an organization, finding the non technical hurdles to adoption and developing ways to help address those pain points.

We also build fully online course curriculums, allowing for continuing education modules as part of your training materials or even a recurring revenue option for you.

Change Management

To often a half measure here leads to a full failure. Change managment isn't simply training, it's understanding the impact of changing the current methodology, what issues will come from that, handling valid objections, setting realistic expectations across the organization and then you look at developing a training regiment once you understand the people you are developing for and the culture they are in.

Training and training materials

One of the largest pain points in custom development, even on well known platforms such as Salesforce or Google Workspace is developing training materials.

It's tedious to have an entire team developing a comprehensive training plan and the "train the trainer" days are over, even if some non competitive firms are still doing it.

We provide your team a chance to level up your offerings by handling the end user training materials and program development for you.